Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not Festival Screening of Videos and films

Starting at 20:45 today, this eclectic and heterogeneous selection of work for the screen spans a period that goes from 2000-2012. It includes experimental films, works closer to video art than cinema, non-fiction movies, appropriation experiments or animated pieces, done in almost every format possible: Super 8, 16 mm, digital camera, etc. The main goal of the first part of the evening is to open to a non-Spanish audience a small, non-comprehensive, window to non-orthodox cinema made in Spain nowadays. The focus of the second part of the evening includes experimental dance work for the camera.

First part of evening:

El fin del mundo (The End of the World), by Alberto González Vázquez. 2011. 3 mins.
Home Movie Holes, by Albert Alcoz. 2009, 3 mins.
No es la imagen, es el objeto (It’s not the image, it’s the object), by Andrés Duque. 2008, 11 mins.
San Vicente, by Oriol Sánchez. 2010, 3 mins.
Les variations Dielman (The Dielman Variations), by Fernando Franco. 2010, 11 mins.
Tarde de verano (Summer Afternoon), by Los Hijos Collective. 2011, 6 mins.
Los reyes magos (The Three Wise Men), by Alberto González Vázquez. 2011, 3 mins.

Second part of evening:

En dans til din ære, by Linnea Lindh & Gry Raaby. 9:20 mins.
Will Time Tell? by Sue Hailey. 2006, 12mins.
The Paris film by Anja Hitzenberger & Edward Ratliff. Starring Jimena Paz. 14:56 mins.

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